Pixolomew - Websites for humans
Lee uses hand goggles to look down and to the left of the screen.
Two hands hold up a cardboard placard that reads 'Websites for Humans'

Websites for humans – what does it mean?

“Websites for humans” refers to the process of providing the best possible user experience for human visitors, rather than concentrating on non-human visitors like search engine bots and automated testing utilities. After all, bots won’t be making purchases or engaging with your content – humans will.

Now, I’m not suggesting we should ignore bots completely, no way! Search engines and testing tools are an important part of modern web design and they should always be a part of the creation process. I’m simply saying they shouldn’t be the primary focus of our decision making.

Pixolomew is all about putting real people first in web design. Because when we put humans first, we can ensure our websites deliver user-friendly experiences that lead to increased engagement, satisfaction and, more importantly, sales!

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