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Lee uses hand goggles to look directly at the camera

Web Design Journal

In recent times social media has lost its charm and no longer fulfils its intended purpose. That’s why I decided to start a journal – a collection of short articles where I will share my thoughts on web design, web development, showcase my work and provide tips and tricks to help you improve your website.

  • Snapsha Photography
    Through listening to feedback and utilising an iterative design process, this project evolved from a basic wireframe into a fun and quirky website with lots of personality!
  • Don’t start from scratch!
    Don’t waste money on a full website redesign; instead, use a more cost-effective and successful approach to identify and fix specific problems.
  • Websites for humans – what does it mean?
    Discover the ethos of Pixolomew – creating websites that give user-friendly interactions the highest importance, prioritising genuine human experiences above catering to automated bots.